Candidate Kim in Near-future party, 2021

funded by Art Council Korea in South Korea

‘Candidate Kim’, is a project that brings the topic of inter-Korean relations of the Korean peninsula in the political spectrum into our everyday life and encourages free discussion about the relations beyond the political context. To bring political inter-Korean relations into our lives, the project ironically uses the language of politics that refers to the ‘election.’ The election is a means of communication that has been familiar to many people over a long period. The election provides a place for active communication between candidates to candidates, candidates to voters, and voters to voters. The messages delivered by candidates through election promises change candidates’ vision to our daily story in an effective manner. If their promises sound persuasive, we sometimes come to believe that their ideas and even unrealistic plans can be realized immediately. 

The concept of Candidate Kim’s identity contains several connotations such as relationship with the US(patagonia vest fashion), cliche images of Korean election and Kim’s stance toward the Korean issue.
Profile pictures of Candidate Kim (at the workplace, on the fence, in a traditional market)

9 keywords about Kim’s interview(Korean) link : Kim’s Interview text(Korean)

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