Dreamer of the Playscape, 2022

Curatorial team: NeeNee Collective (Soyoun Kim, Kurina Sohn, Dae uk Kim)
Participating artists: Dae Uk Kim, Joppe Vennema, Jonahan Vervoort, Kurina Sohn, Marijn Ottenhof, Soyoun Kim

funded by Art Council Korea in South Korea and Dutch Culture

Dreamers of the Playscape takes its curatorial inspiration from the exhibition 'Magiciens de la Terre' at the Paris's Centre Georges Pompidou and Grande Halle de La Villette in 1989, aimed to overturn the existing framework of Western and non-Western, as well as civil and savage dichotomies. As part of this next generation of "dreamers," NeeNee Collective explores the interaction between co-existing yet divided worlds, considering the kinds of values from today's culture that can be incorporated into an exhibition design. The "playscape" here represents the symbolic space where the possibility of meaningful entanglement can take place without prejudices or stereotypes.

The exhibition draws on inclusivity's unifying and inspirational power to engage these six artists, their artworks, and the visiting public in productive discussions. Six artists gathered a series of exchanges and feedback over the last three months to embody notions of culture, non-human, gender, class/labor, digital and analog, and site-specificity.

Dreamers of the Playscape invites visitors to experience a metamorphosed landscape where a new generation of artists investigates ideas of diversity and inclusivity in their creative practices. By fostering local and global dialogues across mediums and thematic forms, these artists reclaim the site of the display through clever subversions and spatial reconfigurations of social hierarchies and divisions.

photo by Pierre Castignola

graphic by Che Go Eun

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