Pavel to DMZ_case study, 2020
Commissioned by Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, South Korea
Collaboration with Sinyoung Ahn

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            DMZ(The Korean Demilitarized Zone) is indicated as an empty space for a long time. However, ironically, it has full of energy to produce rich contents. Many contents give opportunities to look at the reinterpreted history, environment and culture of the DMZ at various aspects. ‘Pavel to DMZ’ is an extentions of the ‘Pavel project’, which has been planned to show the 'DMZ at present' by travelling, moving beyond the symbol of history and conflict. The project is selected as a part of DMZ Eco-Museum Development Plan 2020, and it is supported by Province GyeongGi Cultural Foundation in South Korea.

The Korean Demilitarized Zone

Ironically, the DMZ, which is known as a place that was empty for a long time, was filled with the energy that could make plentiful content. Everywhere, content that reinterprets the DMZ’s history, environment, and culture in various ways. Among these contents, we have curated travel spots that enables us to experience the DMZ in many aspects. Since travel spots are not only directly, but indirectly related to the DMZ, some travel spots may not enable us to experience the DMZ as much. However, that’s fine. Nonetheless, we hope that the DMZ paval provides an opportunity for travelers to think about the Demilitarized Zone.

Concept image of Pavel  to DMZ

Field Trip - Interview

Through the research and field trips, we have selected several places, where present DMZ in different perspectives.
Interviews has been done  with following questions below, which are based on the Pavel questions.

Interviewee info : age / home (country) /  Interview time : start - end (d/m/y, time:h/m)
How do you describe yourself? / How do you describe your everyday life?
How do you describe the character of the space you are in? / How do you describe the mood of the space you are in?
How do you describe an interesting person you have interacted with in the place you are in(if you have)?
We would like to hear your opinion about our perspective and DMZ and how do you describe DMZ.

Find the full research video / journey below

screenshots of research video
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