Pavel to DMZ_Design Research, 2020

funded by Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, South Korea
collaboration with Sinyoung Ahn

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Project Background
The DMZ has generally been thought of as an empty space for a long time.
However, ironically, it has been an inspiring location for producing rich content. This content provides opportunities to look at the reinterpreted history, environment and culture of the DMZ in various ways. Pavel to DMZ is an extension of the ‘Pavel project’, and its purpose is to show the ‘DMZ in the present’ by travelling and moving beyond the symbol of history and conflict.

The project has been selected as part of the DMZ Eco-Museum Development Plan 2020,
and it is supported by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation in South Korea.

The Korean Demilitarized Zone
Ironically, the DMZ, which is known as a place that has been empty for a long time, was full of inspiration for new content. There is content everywhere that reinterprets the DMZ’s history, environment and culture in various ways. With this content, we have curated travel spots that enable us to experience the DMZ in many way.

Since the travel spots can be directly or indirectly related to the DMZ, some travel spots may not allow us to experience the DMZ as much, which is fine. Nonetheless, we hope that the DMZ Pavel project provides an opportunity for travellers to think about the Demilitarized Zone.

Field Trip - Interview
We have selected several places where the DMZ is presented from different perspectives through research and field trips. Interviews have been completed with the following questions, which are based on the Pavel questions.

Interviewee info : age / home (country) /  Interview time : start - end (d/m/y, time:h/m)
How do you describe yourself? / How do you describe your everyday life?
How do you describe the character of the space you are in? / How do you describe the mood of the space you are in?
How do you describe an interesting person you have interacted with in the place you are in(if you have)?
We would like to hear your opinion about our perspective and DMZ and how do you describe DMZ.

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