digital work, physical mock-up

Cultural DNA meme is evolved through mimesis. Mimesis, is the most simple behavior of human and historical behavior that makes the evolution at the same time. Space also evolve continuously in mimesis and co-exist in cultural DNA. In the park, the liberal space with no order of rank is the place where mimesis of cultural DNA can be most active and has high potential to create rogue genes. Visually, every individual in the park behave and exist independently but actually each individuals are actively generating mimesis. Si- lent but dynamic mimesis activities are the very evolution process of mime in the park. Dynamic silence is work of spatialization and visualization of evolution process of meme.

 Space Organization is Series of Meme Evolution Process; which are consist of based on co-existence of independent DNA, clash by expanded DNA and formation of disparity space, evolution and settlement of culture. Space is comprised with floor level, basement level and land. Floor level is occupied independently by each cultural DNA in other words, behavioral acceptor. Each unit is forming space in various shapes and use as public space and act as a core that penetrates horizontal structure. in the basement level is exhibition space that was created by cultural DNA by expanding vertical and horizontal way and clashed in to disparity space which endlessly creates new culture. The shape of land also appears to be erupted from clash energy of cultural DNA and formed perfectly following the structure of the space. Each unit exist as sort of small park in the park that satisfies and cover cultural variety, behavioral variety and functional variety with the placeness of park. In other words, rather than each unit has certain function, transformation is possible ac- cording to needs. Usable for various public space such as cafe, restaurant, rest rooms, water space, green zone and shelters, etc.

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