Soyoun Kim
b. 1988 / Seoul, South Korea

Netherland-based Designer/Artist

2015-2017 Master of Contextual Design (cum laude), Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands
2007-2014 Bachelor of Interior Design (graduate with honors), Kookmin University, South Korea

Selected Activities
2021(upcoming) ‘NeeNee Collective group exhibition - Sunnyside Up’, DDW2021, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2021(upcoming) ‘Kim’s the four election promises’, Corner Gallery, South Korea
2020 - 2021(upcoming) ‘Hamel Residency’, Post Terriotory Ujeongguk, South Korea
2020 ‘Ideal DMZ trail guide’ commissioned by Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, South Korea
2019 ‘Tracing Border - Participant and Space Curator’, Temporary Art Center, Netherlands
2018 ‘Competitive Light - Participant and Coordinator’, Glow Eindhoven, Temporary Art Center, Netherlands
           ‘Competitive Light - Participant and Coordinator’,Temporary Art Center, Netherlands
2018 ‘Nacht van de dictatuur’, Prodemos,The Hague, Netherlands
2018 ‘Materialist - group exhibition’, Designday, Maastricht, Netherlands
            ‘Materialist - group exhibition’, Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy
            ‘Materialist - group exhibition’,YKSI Expo, Eindhoven, Netherlands
            ‘Materialist - group exhibition’, OBJECT Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2018 establishment of independent design studio ‘Kim&Soyoun’
2017 ‘Kazerne - Selected Participants’, Kazerne gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2017 ‘MINED’, Dutch Design Week 2017, Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands
2017 ‘Conflicting Designs’ round table, Jan Boelen (Head of social Design Masters, at Design Academy Eindhoven), Lelya Kimel, Irene Stracuzzi, Nadine Botha, DDW2017, Arena, Netherlands
2016 Collaboration Project ‘OnsBank’, Het Institute, Netherlands
2013 Kids space ‘I-play’ space design, DDP, South Korea
2013 - 2014 OCDC(Oriental Culture Design Center Lab) designer, Kookmin university, South Korea

Selected Archives
2021 International Exchange Support, Art Council Korea, South Korea
2020 The starting grant of Internationalization, Stimuleringfonds, Netherlands
2020 The research grant, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culutre, Netherlands
2018 ein-und-zwanzig Shortlist, German Design Council, Germany
2014 Movie scenario support program finalist, CJ Azit, South Korea
2013 International Design Award winner, Hettich & Rehau, Germany
2013 Spark concept design award Bronze, U.S.

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