The Most Neutral place in the world

Fill your stomach with Korean foods


From North to the First floor


From South to the ground floor

Enjoy two different but similar both Korean foods

Whether form South or North side, you can receive different service.

Food & Drink


restaurant “Haedanghwa” in Amsterdam( closed 2016)

Taedonggang beer in North Korea

A popular street food Tteok-bokki in South Korea

South Korean beer brands

South Koreans drink many types of alcohol and were ranked number one for alcohol consumption in Asian countries 2014 (WHO). Further, the café culture is very much booming in this country. North Koreans also enjoy drinking alcohol. The North Korean beer “Taedonggang” is often rated as better than South Korean’s beers. South Koreans can drink this beer in the borderlands between China and North Korea, or in foreign country. Even though both Koreas have a similar food culture, differences can be noted. For example, Tteok-bokki, the most popular street food in South Korea, does not exist in North Korea. Also, it is interesting that common North Korean restaurants that are located in foreign countries provide an entertaining service with traditional Korean costume.