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You can stay in two different style of hotel at one place

Since Hotel has triangular pyramid shape, depending on where you stand, you can find different appearance of a building. You can also get rid of stress with Korean style public bath in the first basement floor.

Hotel in both Korea


Motel street, Seoul, South Korea

Ryugyong Hotel, Pyungyang, North Korea

The meaning of the hotel looks a bit different for the two Koreas. Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea shows how North Korea considers architecture as a form of propaganda. On the other hand, motel (love hotel) culture in South Korea indicates social issues, such as overpopulation and the Confucianism culture that regards sex as taboo. Therefore, North Korean hotel seems outgoing, but South Korean hotel rather hidden in the backstreet.

Public bathhouse culture in both Koreas


Jjimjilbang in South Korea

Public bathhouse “Eun Duk Won” in North Korea

In North Korea, people often go to bathhouses. They have public and private areas for one person or married couples. However, the private bath is often used for dating. On the other hand, South Korea has a Jjimjilbang culture, which is a large and gender-segregated public bathhouse. It is a type of community space for South Koreans.