The Most Neutral place in the world

Take time to experience religion in Korea

Experience two Korea's religion at one space

By climbing up the spiral staircase, you can experience two different sides depend on which side you stand on.


Religion in both Koreas

North Korea is a secular state where public religion is discouraged. North Korea is mostly atheist and agnostic, with the religious life dominated by the traditions of Korean shamanism and Chondoism. Religion in South Korea is characterized by the fact that an absolute majority of South Koreans (56.9% as of 2015) have no formal membership in a religious organisation; among those that are members of a religious organisation, there is a dominance of Protestantism, Buddhism, and Roman Catholicism. However, apparently there are so many red light cross sign of churches in everywhere. Interestingly, many foreigners who visited South Korea wonder why there are so many red cross.

Mansudae Grand Monument in North Korea

Red light cross sign of churches in South Korea