The Most Neutral place in the world

Have a fun in  the playground

You cross the original border on the spiral slide

Spiral slide give you the emotion both Korean have felt each others for long time, which is close but untouchable.

Playground in both Koreas


Outdoor playground in a kindergarten school in Pyongyang, North Korea

Unha-3 rocket park swing in Pyongyang, North Korea. Unha-3 rocket was successfully launched in 2012

Outdoor playground in South Korea

Indoor playground in workplace nursery(Korea Insurance Corporation), Seoul, South Korea

In terms of playground, both Koreas have similarities and differences. Outdoor playgrounds look very similar based on using prefabricated structure. However, in North Korea, it is sometimes found that Propaganda-purpose shapes. On the other hands, in South Korea, outdoor playground is getting less attractive and amount of indoor playground is increasing mainly for parent's practical reason.