The Most Neutral place in the world

Get this opportunity to appreciate both Korean artworks together

Cracked glass ceiling is also another artwork inspired by old North Korean vernacular design "Glass sewing"

Glass sewing was a North Korean lifestyle to protect window. Sewed buttons from both sides make glass firm and protect window from more cracking.

North Korean defector Ryu Hwa-sun (pseudonym) is teaching North Korean’s vernacular design “Glass sewing”.


Art of both Koreas

Both types of Korean art seem rather different. In the North, propaganda art is intentionally exposed by the media. By comparison, South Korean art tends to be more individual. Naturally, many popular artists often work on North Korea as a topic.

Chandeliers in Five Cities(2016) : South Korean artist Kyungah Ham collaborated with North Korean embroidery workers.

Propaganda poster in North Korea, 1984